Free WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 Web Accessibility Scans

Welcome to the Compliance Sheriff® Cynthia Says Portal

The Compliance Sheriff® Cynthia Says Portal is a joint education and outreach project of Compliance Sheriff, ICDRI, and the Internet Society Disability and Special Needs Chapter. Cynthia Says educates you in the concepts behind website accessibility. It is meant for personal, non-commercial use to inform the community on what constitutes accessible web design and accessible content. It identifies errors in Web content related to Section 508 standards and/or the WCAG guidelines for Web accessibility. Cynthia Says allows you to test individual pages on websites and provides feedback in a reporting format that is clear and easy to understand!

Using this free service will expose you to the underlying technology and benefits of using Compliance Sheriff's full-featured solutions for automated monitoring and testing against Web accessibility and other Web governance standards. To learn more about Compliance Sheriff's commercial solutions go to

Guidance at a Glance: Web Accessibility

Need some guidance on Web accessibility? Download this white paper to help you kick start or improve your existing program.


How to Use this Form

To begin please enter a specific URL to execute a scan against a single page of your site to check it against predefined Web Accessibility standards.

  1. Web Page URL: Enter the Full Path Web Address of the page you would like to scan. *This defines the scope of the scan. A valid http:// or https:// URL should be entered. If you do not type http://, it will be added automatically. Please note the URL you provide should not be a page that redirects to another URL.
  2. Compliance Mode: Select the compliance checkpoint group that you would like to scan your page against. The Compliance Mode options are:
    • Section 508
    • WCAG 2.0 A
    • WCAG 2.0 AA
    • WCAG 2.0 AAA

    For more information on the Compliance mode checkpoint groups view this website's Help.

    *Please note that Cynthia Says may only be used to test public-facing web pages. If you need to test intranet sites or sites behind a firewall, please see our commercial solution Compliance Sheriff.