Reading Report Results

The Result Report displays the results of your scan. The top of the report will show the URL that was scanned. Underneath that, there will be a “Scan Completed” with date and time stamp that the scan was run. Based upon the checkpoint group selected on the scan submit form, you will see the “Group” that the page was scanned against (i.e. Section 508, WCAG A, WCAG AA or WCAG AAA).

The main body of the report will show a table of results for each checkpoint rule in the group that was tested. The results will list each checkpoint rule, a definition of that rule and the underlying results. Because this is an interactive report, as you navigate over the line items you will have the ability to expand the results table.

Reviewing the Results

As you expand the results table you will have the ability to drill down to the specific line and column of the Failure, Warning, and Visual Check within the body of the Result Report.

Result Icons:

The symbol next to each checkpoint that has been tested for indicates the status of that individual test:
Icon Status Description
Failed Failed The page did not pass the checkpoint and must be fixed
Warning Warning The page passed the checkpoint but could be improved
Passed Passed The page passed the checkpoint
Visual Visual A visual check is required to determine whether this page passed this checkpoint
N/A N/A The checkpoint is not relevant for this page

Accessing Detailed Violation Information using the Report Hyperlinks:

When selecting the hyperlinks in a Cynthia Says report, the tested page will render on the violations which occurred. A red square will appear around the violations.

  1. To scroll through the individual violations on a page, use the arrows on the right side of the colored bar at the top of the page. These arrows have visual labels: Next Occurrence and Previous Occurrence.
    Next Occurrence Previous Occurrence
    Next Occurrence Previous Occurrence
  2. To view the individual violations by number, click on the Occurrences pull-down menu and select a number. Select All to view all the violations on a page at once. (If more than one violation occurs on a page, show instances will default to All when opened.)


  3. To scroll through the pages on which one or more violations occurred, use the arrows in the grey field at the top left. These arrows have visual labels: Next Page and Previous Page.
    Next Page Previous Page
    Next Page Previous Page
  4. To see where the violations occur in the HTML, click on the Code source button, located at the right end of the colored bar at the top of the page. The source HTML of the page will appear, and red squares will appear around the violations. To see the rendered page again, click on the Rendered view button, located in the same place the Code source button appeared earlier.
    Code source Rendered view
    Code source Rendered view
  5. If a reference page has been set for the checkpoint, you can access it by clicking on the How to fix? button.

    Code source

  6. The URL of the page being rendered will appear at the top of the page. Click on it to open the page outside of Compliance Sheriff®.